Project Coordinator
Joined in 2020
American University of Beirut, Lebanon
From Lebanon

What is your role at Parkwind?

As a project coordinator, I manage the planning of projects to make sure they’re on time, highlight the risks of delays, and highlight the impact of different events or ongoing works. I also manage the main interfaces in each project – the points of contact with different parties – while managing risks.

What is special about your team?

What’s special in my team is the differences in backgrounds. In many teams, the people all have the same kind of background in design or finance, for example. On the projects team, we have someone with a finance background, someone from industry, someone from a law background. I’m coming from civil engineering. We work on separate projects, but we usually have biweekly gatherings where everyone presents or talks about the challenges from their ongoing work to see what others think about. We always have discussions because we usually see things differently. It’s definitely a learning environment within the team.

At Parkwind, we always feel that we are together. We have the same spirit of getting the best or reaching the best to get a good outcome from every problem or decision in a project.

Do you see yourself staying at Parkwind?

I see myself staying for a long time at Parkwind. I have a passion for project controls, and the challenges that I see in our project controls make me very interested to stay so I can apply the best of my knowledge and of the project control discipline. Parkwind is special in this context. In other companies, usually you follow a certain approach in project controls so you’re just a follower taking the steps as they are. In my role, first we structure the right approach by ourselves for the project. Also, it’s rare to see young people work in such a challenging a domain – setting up the structure and the approach rather than following a set approach.

What is challenging about your work?

In project controls, we usually have one standard approach that should be applied. However, in reality, with all the Parkwind projects at the different locations with different conditions with different people, you have to adapt the standard approach to fit a project. You have to adapt to get it implemented, to get it running, to have it fit in the country.

How do you support Parkwind’s mission of advancing wind energy?

Parkwind’s mission is to make offshore wind energy affordable and available to people. The fact that I work in controlling the projects to be on time, be within budget, be within scope, be delivered as promised makes me happy at the end of the day because the outcome is not just finishing a building project, it’s creating green energy for people.


Maarten van der Horst

Project Director Oriel

Maarten joined Parkwind and more specifically the Oriel project team in early 2021. He brings 17 years of experience in the energy industry having worked at Engie's renewables arm first as an engineer, later as offshore specialist.


Wim Verrept

Risk, QHSSE, IT & Process Manager

He joined Parkwind in 2016 as risk manager, during the installation phase of Nobelwind. Since then his responsibilities have expanded to include IT and the QHSSE department. Before joining the company, he worked as a risk manager at large financial institution in Belgium.


Ingrid Dony

HR Manager

Ingrid joined Parkwind in 2013 and manages the Human Resources department. Her expertise in corporate HR has created the foundations in Parkwind’s evolving and rapidly growing employee and consultant base. Her team manages everything from payroll to employee development and communications. She has been instrumental in preparing the organization for international expansion and the digitalization of numerous HR legal and administrative tools.


Dirk Dewettinck

Head of R&D

At Parkwind since 2015 he manages the engineering resources involved in project development, design and construction. He was closely involved in the technical management of the Nobelwind and Northwester 2 projects. Prior to joining Parkwind, he was involved in other offshore wind projects, working for a major wind turbine supplier, and prior to that he worked for more than 15 years with major engineering contractors in projects around the world, mainly in the conventional power generation construction and services (steam, gas, nuclear).


Clément Helbig de Balzac

Project Manager of Arcadis

Joining Parkwind in 2011 as a project finance specialist and he was heavily involved in the financing and construction of Northwind and Nobelwind. Thereafter, as project finance manager, he led the financing process of Northwester 2 and the refinancing of three operational offshore wind farms of the Parkwind portfolio. He is also involved in business development projects for his expertise lies in financing processes, construction contract negotiation, contracting strategy and development and construction management.


Edward Van Melkebeek

Head of Technology

Since joining Parkwind in 2018, he has been leading the Technology team responsible for leveraging Parkwind’s know-how in civil, electrical and WTG packages to development of new projects. The team also performs a supply chain role, managing technical aspects of project contracts. Previously, he has built extensive practical and managerial experience in the offshore construction business for over 22 years at a global leading dredging and offshore contractor strongly active in the offshore wind industry.


Mathias Van Steenwinkel

Business Development Manager

He joined Parkwind in 2012 working on financial modelling, PPA negotiations and the overall financial close processes. Since 2016, he is heading the growing business development department playing a key role in the identification of new projects, global partnerships and tender preparations.


Kristof Verlinden

O&M Manager

With Parkwind since 2010, he is responsible for the asset management and production management of all of Parkwind’s offshore operational assets. The O&M organization plays a pivotal role in project development incorporating strategic insight to ensure frictionless O&M operations from the moment of first production. The team also supplies external support services, is involved in numerous R&D initiatives with universities and wind farm performance analysis using state of the art data systems. Kristof joined Parkwind with an engineering background in international service support business and wind turbine driveline design validation.


Pieter Marinus

General Counsel and Investment Relations Director

As a former Parkwind board member, he has been involved in the financial close and follow-up of every Parkwind project as well as in their acquisition and divestment processes. Prior to joining Parkwind’s management in 2017, he was also in charge of multiple other renewable energy investments and financings around Europe, notably as Investment Director at Korys, Parkwind’s controlling shareholder.


Peter Caluwaerts

Project Director

After years of building extensive experience in large construction works, he started his career in offshore wind in 2010 by taking up the role of CLO of Parkwind, responsible for regulatory, legal and contracting matters for Belwind and Northwind windfarms. Since then, as Project Director, he’s led the Northwester 2 project completed in 2020 and is now responsible for Parkwind’s Irish projects Oriel and Clogherhead. He plays an instrumental role in organizing Parkwind’s international expansion and growth.


Eric Antoons


Before joining the company in 2013, he worked for one of the largest power and gas suppliers in Belgium, in both operational and executive functions. Joining Parkwind in 2013 as COO, he supervised the construction of three wind farm projects and the considerable growth of O&M activities. Since becoming co-CEO in 2016, he has also developed Parkwind’s R&D activities to the forefront partnering with universities and several technology start-ups.


Francois Van Leeuw


He joined the nascent Parkwind as a CFO in 2009 and has been leading the financing and development of the four Belgian wind farms Belwind, Northwind, Nobelwind and Northwester 2. In his role he’s particularly involved in new business and partnership development for Parkwind globally. He is also serving as the chairman of the Belgian Offshore Platform, the non-profit association of investors and owners of Belgian wind farms.